What Is Structural Engineering?

  • 15 May, 2021
  • Engineering

What Is Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that focuses on the framework of man made structures. It uses math and physics to design these frameworks so that they’re able to withstand different pressures and stresses exerted from the environment. It’s also one of the oldest types of engineering, dating back thousands of years like in ancient Egypt and the great pyramids.

What do structural engineers do?

As an integral part of the construction team, it’s a structural engineer’s job to make sure buildings and bridges are constructed safely and won’t collapse. They focus their attention on the bones of the structures and take into account things like materials and geometric shapes when creating their designs.

A structural engineer must calculate the loads or stresses that will impact a building or bridge, analyze factors like wind, terrain and traffic, and then design the structure so that it can handle all of those factors. Structural engineers can also use specialty software to help design and analyze a project.

You’ll see structural engineers on a variety of construction projects. Since public safety is a main concern, they’ll have a hand in everything from renovating and expanding buildings to assessing damage from fires or floods.

How are structural engineers and architects different?

If a structure was like a body, a structural engineer would be concerned with the bones and muscles while an architect would be concerned with its appearance and shape. Structural engineers focus on how the building is constructed and its stability while architects focus on the aesthetics.

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