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Blast Analysis & Design

Many types of structures or buildings require a level of blast resistance. Facilities like sports arenas, airports, government buildings, and more all depend on expert engineering to mitigate extreme events. With over a decade of experience, JT Engineering has had extensive experience in blast analysis and design, working to make any type of building less vulnerable. 

Blast engineering

At JT Engineering, we have a knowledgeable team of engineers with years of field experience. They are dedicated to finding a solution for every project, no matter how complex it may seem. We can provide services on mitigating the impact of explosions, both accidental and deliberate, as well as structural analysis and blast-resistant designs. 

Blast risk evaluation and analysis

The first step to effectively protect a building or structure from a blast event is to assess the area for risk. Our team of engineers will evaluate the environment and identify potential threats or risks. We will then analyze the findings and help you come up with the best solution for your unique project and needs.

We use state-of-the-art modeling tools to predict possible extreme events and their consequences on the surrounding structures. We analyze a wide range of explosive events including traditional and improvised explosive devices. Our highly skilled team can assess potential damage from impact, collapse, fire, and more. We will use our years of experience and analysis to produce a design that will also help keep construction costs down.

Some of our services include: 

  • Confined explosion effects
  • Structural modeling and design
  • Facades modeling and design
  • Shock and impact modeling
  • 3D building performance visualization
  • Evaluating structures for progressive collapse
  • Coordinating cost-benefit analyses for blast-resistant construction

Façade hardening and protection

Using our knowledge of blast analysis and risk assessment, we can develop systems to help mitigate any potential dangers from explosives or firearms. We can perform detailed blast engineering of facades for contractors and incorporate blast performance requirements specifications to clearly convey the design intent.

Explosive safety designs

For over a decade, our dedicated team of engineers has helped a variety of clients find the best design solutions for blast protection. We can translate complex concepts into simple designs. Safety, operational flexibility and budget are some of our top priorities. 

Between our extensive portfolio of explosive safety projects and what we’ve learned from investigating blast-related events, we can provide you with verified, cost-effective engineering solutions to any challenge presented to us. 

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