REDICOR System Demonstration

  • 02 Jun, 2022
  • Structural Materials

Back in April, our team at JT Engineering got a visit from Mike Joseph, a representative from Nucor Steel Corporation/RediCor. He came out to offer our team a firsthand look at their new system developed by Vulcraft, RediCore. The team got to step inside the RediCor demonstration trailer for an in-person look at this revolutionary structural system, while learning about the installation process, features of the system, and other insightful details.

RediCor is a stay-in-place steel form system for concrete walls used primarily for stair and elevator cores. Its modules are factory-built, stacked in the field, then filled with concrete; considerably reducing construction time and cost. They come with an inclusive list of pre-installed items such as rebar, connections, stairs, and landings. RediCor systems can be used as shear walls, and can be stacked on top of one another, which makes them ideal for jobs with limited material storage.

There are many factors that set RediCor apart from its competition, one of which being that they make for safe and easy construction. Since these modules are able to easily stack on top of one another, they are ideal for congested job sites with limited storage area. The preinstalled stairs and landings provide early and safe access to upper floors, while also reducing jobsite labor and providing schedule advantages. Multiple finishing options are also available, as the galvanized steel surface can be left exposed, painted, or covered with almost any architectural surface material. 

Learning opportunities like this demonstration prove their importance to the growth and development of an engineer’s career. “In terms of my own growth,” said Matt Tuszl from JT Engineering, “it’s important to understand how different methods can be used to build on the construction site, while also giving me a better understanding of what materials should be selected for a given project. As a company, it’s important to understand what products are out there that could help make construction more economical and efficient.” Contributing to the individual growth of engineering professionals helps to improve the overall quality of work produced by the firm. 

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