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Below-Grade Engineering

Many buildings today incorporate one or multiple floors below grade level. These areas can be used for different functions like for storage, office space, mechanical and electrical rooms, and much more. In order to achieve the best below-grade engineering results, you need competent architectural engineers to design and manage these projects. With over a decade of experience, JT Engineering has had a tremendous amount of success with a variety of below-grade engineering projects.

What is below-grade engineering?

‘Grade’ is a term to describe the level of the earth at ground level. In terms of construction, above-grade and below-grade are used to relate portions of a building or structure that is either above or below ground level.

This type of geotechnical engineering relies heavily on knowledge concerning soil and rock mechanics, and how each might affect construction. For any kind of building project that requires a below-grade component, the engineer should inspect the ground conditions to predict and mitigate any potential hazards.

Geotechnical examinations and analysis

Inspecting and understanding the underground area is extremely important when constructing a foundation or other structures below-grade. It’s what determines the overall health of the building and whether it will need future services and repairs. Our knowledgeable team will undertake field examinations, foundation inspections, and soil analysis to ensure a stable foundation to build upon.

Soil-structure interactions

When introducing new structures below-grade, the predictions on soil behavior must be precise. Our expert team at JT Engineering has the valuable knowledge and understanding required for any type of project. We know how to build in all environments and soil types. Between our staff of highly-trained engineers and excellent software tools, we can perform complex soil-structure analyses, choose the best materials for your project, save you time and money, and reduce risk.

Underground structure designs

Our years of expertise in construction and engineering help us develop and design innovative below-grade plans for all types of infrastructure. We use finite element analysis to model sequences, and offer appealing designs that also help to reduce construction costs.

Shoring and underpinning

We also provide designs and analysis for shoring and underpinning projects. Our models include predictions of potential movement, load path analysis, and more. We draw on our extensive experience and range of techniques to provide optimal earth retention and shorings solutions for each project.

Our skill and knowledge also cover these additional services:

  • Deep foundation analysis and design
  • Geostructural engineering and design
  • Construction platform/podium engineering
  • Construction monitoring
  • Value engineering
  • Peer reviews

… and so much more.

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