Accident Investigations
Adaptive Re-use Design
Advanced Analyses for Extreme Events
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Project Delivery™

Below-Grade Engineering
Blast Analysis & Design
Building Analytics
Building Code Analysis
Building Information Modeling

Composite Structures
Computational Analysis
Condition Assessment
Construction Engineering
Construction Support
Construction Vibration Assessment & Monitoring
Crane Planning
Crane, Heavy-Lift And Erection Planning
Creep/Shrinkage Effects Analysis

Damage Investigation
Design for Special Structures
Due Diligence Assessment

Earthquake Hazard Assessment
Erection Engineering Planning, Analysis & Procedures

Façade Consulting
Façade Contractor Support
Façade Detailed Design & Engineering
Façade Engineering
Façade Structural Analysis
Failure Analysis
Flood Hazard Assessment

Historic Design Consultation
Historic Preservation

Lightweight Structures
Litigation Support

Modeling & Detailing
Movable Structures

On-Site Representation

Passive House
Performance-Based Seismic Design
Pre-purchase Assessment
Project Certification
Property Condition Assessment

Reinforced Concrete Design
Retaining Walls and Support of Excavation
Risk Assessment ()

Sculptures and Artwork
Soil-Structure Analysis
Strengthening of Occupied Buildings
Structural Concept Studies
Structural Design
Structural Design for Building Expansions
Structural Design for New Buildings
Structural Engineering
Structural Exploratory Studies
Structural Feasibility Studies
Structural Forensics
Structural Optimization
Structural Peer Review & Constructability Review
Structural Renewal
Structural Steel Connection Design
Structural Steel Design
Support of Excavation (SOE)

Temporary Structures

Underground Structures
Underpinning and Shoring

Value Engineering
Value Engineering — Structures
Vibration Analysis