New Building Design

Designing structural frames for new buildings is the principal focus of our firm. We collaborate with architects, mechanical engineers, and contractors to propose, study, and develop structural framing system solutions for each project. With ongoing improvements made to building and design codes, our staff remains on the forefront of current design techniques and building code requirements.

Specialty Engineering

Whether bolted, welded, moment frames, braced frames, or other steel solutions, our engineers will provide the most economical connection designs. We currently design connections for both ASD and LRFD methods in accordance with the American Institute of Steel Construction.

Renovations & Expansions

When construction ends a building’s life is just beginning, and its uses, functions, technologies, and requirements change over time. Structural modifications and alterations, such as slab penetrations for new communicating stairs and shafts, beam and column strengthening for heavier loads, and new lateral load systems for improved seismic resistance may be required.

Value Engineering & Peer Review

We approach peer reviews as we would want others to review our designs—offering observations and suggestions as helpful professional colleagues. While peer review scopes vary with design stage, project type, and the owner’s goals, the safety, economy, and constructability of the design always receive our highest attention.

Condition Assessment

Once in the design process we must go deeper in your project´s foundation. We need to arrive at the roots and essence in order to totally understand the future product. We approach our customers with the best solutions to know their targets, their audiences, and their planning from the very first stage of each movement in order to swim the whole team into the same pool.

Shoring & Excavation

Earth Retention and Shoring involves retaining soil subjected to either a natural, unstable slope or a man-made excavation and when required, supporting existing adjacent structures. We draw on our extensive experience with the full range of techniques to provide optimal earth retention and shorings solutions for each project.